3DMark Experience Edition offers a cheap and convenient way to pay for individual runs of the premium tests that are locked in 3DMark Basic Edition.

Free tests

  • Time Spy
  • Night Raid
  • Fire Strike
  • Sky Diver
  • Cloud Gate
  • Ice Storm

Premium tests

  • Time Spy Extreme
  • Port Royal
  • Fire Strike Ultra
  • Fire Strike Extreme
  • Any benchmark with custom settings.
  • All stress tests
  • All feature tests

Pay per run

A benchmark run is counted when a 3DMark test finishes successfully and returns a score. The free tests included with 3DMark Experience Edition do not count against your runs. You can run those tests as often as you wish. When buying and using premium runs, each benchmark test in 3DMark is counted individually. You can choose to run the recommended benchmark for your PC or any other compatible test. You can run the benchmark with default settings or make the test more or less demanding with custom settings. Cancelling a benchmark run will not use up your runs.