PCMark 8 FAQ

Is PCMark 8 compatible with Windows 10?
Is PCMark 8 compatible with Windows 8.1?
Is PCMark 8 compatible with Windows 7?
Is PCMark 8 compatible with the N-versions of Windows (Windows 7 N, Windows 8 N) sold in Europe?
PCMark 8 crashes when I manually select an Intel CPU as the OpenCL device and try to run Video Chat v2.
PCMark 8 storage test takes an excessively long time to run on a large HDD
I can't run the PCMark 8 Applications Tests, the selections are greyed out
The Microsoft Office Word test in PCMark 8 gets stuck with a file saving dialog. I'm using an Acer system.
Adobe Applications Tests fail to complete. I'm using non-English language edition of Adobe Creative Cloud.
Error message "Init Error" with PCMark 8 Video Chat or Group Video Chat
The PCMark 8 Storage test fails at the start of a storage trace playback
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