PCMark 7 FAQ

Is PCMark 7 compatible with Windows 10?
Yes, as long as SystemInfo 4.39 or later is installed. We recommend using PCMark 10 to benchmark systems with Windows 10.
Is PCMark 7 compatible with Windows 8?
Yes, when you use PCMark 7 v1.4.0. We recommend using PCMark 8 to benchmark systems with Windows 8.
PCMark 7 appears to hang during some of the tests?
It is normal that some of the tests take a while to execute, especially on laptops and slower systems. There are no visual indicators during the execution o...
PCMark 7 seems to get stuck looping on the video transcoding test
This is commonly caused by a crash in the video driver while it is doing hardware-assisted transcoding. You may see a pop-up stating that video driver has s...
I'm seeing unusually low scores on a touch-enabled laptop - specifically Text Editing test is performing poorly.
The PCMark 7 Text Editing test is not compatible with touch input. We recommend using PCMark 10 or PCMark 8 to benchmark touch-enabled devices.
Why does the PCMark suite run all tests three times?
Three passes increase the accuracy of the PCMark score. The overall PCMark score requires that all three passes of the tests are completed.
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