I am unable to log in to my 3dmark.com account
If you haven't used 3dmark.com before, you must create an account. The easiest way to do this is to run 3DMark or PCMark and after the tests are comple...
I have forgotten my password
Please follow this link to request a 3dmark.com password reset.
I have forgotten my password and I no longer have access to the email account I used
In this case, please submit a support request with details about your 3DMark/PCMark license keys (if applicable) and we will help you recover your account.
When I try to view my result on 3dmark.com, I get a connection failure error
This error means that our server has not received your result. Your connection to our website might be down or our server might be temporarily unavailable. ...
My system configuration—chipset, processor, graphics card, etc—is shown incorrectly
We aim to ensure that all PC hardware is recognized by 3dmark.com. But with so many different models out there, our database will always have some gaps. Sti...
The PC I tested isn't connected to the Internet. How can I upload my results?
Our Basic Edition benchmarks require an Internet connection for viewing and uploading your results. With our Advanced Edition and Professional Edition benc...
How do I link my HWBOT account to my 3dmark.com account?
HWBot is a popular community for competitive overclocking and benchmark leaderboards. Connecting your account makes it easy to submit your 3DMark Time Spy s...
How do I submit my 3DMark Time Spy scores to HWBOT?
UL and HWBOT are working together to make it easier to submit your benchmark scores to your HWBOT account. Please note that you can only submit results that...
How do I submit other benchmark scores to HWBOT?
Sorry, it is only possible to submit 3DMark Time Spy scores at the moment. We hope to add this feature to other tests in the future.
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