3DMark Windows FAQ

Why is my frame rate so low in 3DMark?
Does my desktop resolution affect my 3DMark score?
3DMark warns me that G-SYNC is enabled, but I don't have a G-SYNC compatible monitor
Why are some tests and features locked in my copy of 3DMark Advanced Edition?
Why are there logos from other companies in the benchmark?
Is 3DMark compatible with Windows 11?
Java SE error when starting the 3DMark app
I get a black screen when trying to run Fire Strike, Sky Diver, Cloud Gate, or Ice Storm
I'm having problem running the Steam version of 3DMark
I get an error about display resolution changing when running 3DMark Stress Tests in a loop
3DMark Stress Test fails before the end
Does the 3DMark Port Royal benchmark use DLSS?
Port Royal crashes after the loading screen
Port Royal looks wrong when using custom benchmark settings. Is that normal?
3DMark VRS feature test runs on my secondary display, why?
I can't find the Sky Diver benchmark in 3DMark
I can't find the Cloud Gate benchmark in 3DMark
I can't find the Ice Storm tests in 3DMark
I can't find the API Overhead feature test in 3DMark
Why is Intel Graphics Driver not approved for use with 3DMark?
Which Intel Arc Graphics Drivers are approved for use with 3DMark?
Why are 3DMark Fire Strike graphics scores worse when using CPUs with many logical cores?
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