Can I compare scores from different benchmarks?
Can I compare scores from different versions of a benchmark test?
Can I compare 3DMark results from Apple and Android devices?
Why did I get a score of 0?
What is Futuremark SystemInfo?
It says my graphics driver is not approved. What does that mean?
I'm having problems viewing my result online
I lost my benchmark license key
Problems activating a license key
The benchmark stopped running in the middle of the test
Why can't I see my result in the in-app list of the best smartphones?
The score for my phone in the app is too low. I get a much higher score when I test my own device.
My benchmark score seems to vary wildly between runs
The app cannot identify my device or it says I have a 'Mystery Machine'
The hardware details for my mobile device are incorrect
Problems running the app on a mobile device with a custom ROM
Can I use Lucid Virtu MVP HyperFormance with UL benchmarks?
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