UL benchmark license keys tend to follow the format below,


where PRODUCT specifies the benchmark, such as 3DM for 3DMark or PCM10 for PCMark 10, and EDITION specifies the edition, for example ADV for Advanced Edition. Professional Edition licenses also have a DATE component that indicates when the license will expire.

The XXXXX sections are alphanumeric strings that contain numbers and letters. The letters I and O are not used. Anything that looks like an I is the number 1 (one) and O is always 0 (zero). There are no spaces in the key.

If you still can't get your key to work, please email UL.BenchmarkSales@ul.com and include as much detail as possible about your key (where you got it, a photo/scan of the key if it was printed on paper and/or any information on the transaction you have) so we can assist you further.