The current version of Testdriver Cloud Edition supports PCMark 10 performance benchmarks and the CPU Health Test.

PCMark 10 performance benchmarks

PCMark 10 is an industry-standard benchmark suite developed by UL. PCMark 10 measures complete system performance for modern office needs using tests based on real-world applications and activities. 

  • The main PCMark 10 benchmark test covers a wide range of activities from everyday productivity tasks to demanding work with digital media content.
  • PCMark 10 Express is a shorter benchmark that focuses on basic work tasks. It is less demanding than the main PCMark 10 test.
  • PCMark 10 Extended is a longer test that provides organizations with a complete assessment of system performance beyond typical office work tasks. PCMark 10 Extended expands the main PCMark 10 benchmark with demanding graphics and physics tests that focus on GPU and CPU performance.

Please refer to the PCMark 10 user guide for a more detailed explanation of PCMark 10 benchmarks, workloads and results.

CPU Health Test

The CPU Health Test for PC and Mac is a fast, lightweight test that measures CPU performance. It runs unobtrusively in the background without interrupting the user. In fact, the whole test takes only 20 seconds. 

The CPU Health Test measures CPU performance with single- and multi-threaded workloads and clock speed checks. Comparing the test score against a baseline produces a CPU health rating, expressed as a percentage.  By testing and monitoring CPU health regularly, you can identify failing hardware and take steps to avoid costly downtime.