Installing required software on Apple Mac Computers  

Make sure you are connected to the Internet. 

Updating macOS  

Ensure you are running the latest version of macOS. You can check the latest versions of macOS on the Apple website.  

Installing required Microsoft Office software  

  1. Install Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2019 (or newer). You can either install from App Store or download from 
  2. Open any Microsoft Office application and activate the license by: 
    • Logging in with a suitable Microsoft account 
    • Logging work or school account  
    • Entering a license key 
  3. Open the Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint apps at least once, then clear any popups or activation dialogs to prevent them from interfering with the Procyon office productivity benchmark.

Installing the required Adobe software 

  1. Install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app from the Adobe website.  
  2. Open Adobe Creative Cloud and sign in.  
  3. Install the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.
  4. Open the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic apps at least once, then clear any popups or activation dialogs to prevent them from interfering with the Procyon photo editing benchmark.  

Downloading the client for macOS

  1. Sign in to Testdriver Cloud 
  2. Download the Testdriver client by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner, then “Download the client”. This can also be done from the Testdriver Cloud Tutorial. 
  3. Click “Download for Mac”
    Do not close this window just yet, as you will need the Client API key later in the installation process. 
  4. Open the Testdriver client installer file.
  5. Continue through the installation process.
  6. When the installation is completed, open the Testdriver client.
  7. Enter the API key into the prompt.
    The API Key is displayed in the “download the Client app” window on the Testdriver Cloud site, where you downloaded the Testdriver client.

Running the benchmark on macOS for the first time

We recommend that in order to correctly set up the required macOS security permissions, you first run the "First Time setup” process for the relevant benchmark, then accept the requests for security permissions that appear in the first few minutes of the process.  

Usually on a system that has not any special permissions configured, the 'First Time setup' process goes as follows:

  1. During the first run of a Procyon benchmark on macOS, select the 'First Time Setup' option for the benchmark you want to run
  2. During the 'First Time Setup' process, privacy and security prompts will appear for the applications used in the benchmark. Approving these privacy and security settings are required for the benchmark to run correctly. You should need to approve these settings only on the first run.

3. After the 'First Run Setup' has been completed, you can now select the benchmark and click “run”. Start the benchmark run by selecting the benchmark, and press run.

4. The Testdriver “overview” tab will display whether the test has been put on hold, failed, or completed successfully and passed. You can open the detailed results page. You can view the results of all benchmark runs in the “Results” tab. You can choose to filter all results by using the filter options above your results. 

5. Clicking on a result will open the results screen for that benchmark run. This displays the overall score, system information and metrics, and the sub scores for each workload. 

6. Results can be added to the comparison table by clicking the “compare” button on the results screen. The data filter option allows you to choose the date range of when you would like to view results for.