Two-factor authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication (TFA) on the account settings screen for added account security.

  1.  Sign in to the Testdriver service as the account owner.
  2. Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the Account Owner name to open the Account Settings screen.
  4. Enable the Two-Factor Authentication setting.

When TFA is enabled, users sign in with an email address, password, and a verification code that is sent BY SMS to the user's mobile phone.

After enabling TFA, each user will be prompted to provide a mobile phone number when they next log in to the service.

LDAP and SSO login

LDAP and SSO login options are not available in the current release. Check back soon for updates.

Data privacy

Testdriver is GDPR compliant. No personal or sensitive data is collected or stored from the tested endpoint systems.

Each customer account has a unique key that is used for communications between the Testdriver server and the client app. All data is stored using this key to ensure that only you can see the data for your organization.

The Testdriver service runs on the Google Cloud Platform. Testdriver uses HTTPS (SSL) encryption to communicate with the client app and the database.