The benchmark details screen helps you understand how the test works. It describes the key features of the benchmark, the target hardware and other details such as the rendering resolution.

Click on the large, orange Run button to start the benchmark.

Click on the Experience button to start the benchmark in experience mode.

Click the VRMark technical guide button to open this online guide.

Custom run

Each benchmark has settings that you change to create a custom benchmark run. Click on the Custom run tab to open the custom run view. Custom settings help you explore your PC's performance limits by making the benchmark more or less demanding. 

Adjust the settings to your preferences then click the orange Run custom button to start the benchmark. 

Click on the custom experience button to use experience mode with custom settings.

Click on the Reset button to return all settings to the default values for the test.

Custom settings are only available in the Advanced and Professional Editions. When you run a benchmark with custom settings, you will get a result for the average frames per second but no overall score. You only get an official VRMark benchmark score when you run a test with the default settings.