Within VRMark Professional Edition, you can run VRMark benchmarks from the command line.

  1. Go to the Windows 10 start screen
  2. Type CMD
  3. Right-click on the Command Prompt app
  4. Select Run as Administrator

Type the command below in the Command Prompt window and press enter.

VRMarkCmd.exe [options]


Square brackets, [ ], means an optional parameter where the default value will be used if no parameter is given.

When on/off is omitted with an option, on is assumed.


Name of the benchmark definition XML file. Specifies the XML file that defines the tests and settings to be used. See below for XML file example.


Set the number of times to loop benchmark. The default is 1. Use 0 for infinite loop stress test, benchmark will not end until aborted.


Play audio (default on).


Collect SystemInfo (default off).


Enable SystemInfo Monitoring (default off).


Save results in the file.


Load results from the file (only for submitting online using --online=on or exporting using --export)


Specify number of GPUs to use, maximum value is 2. If it is not specified this value is determined automatically


Send results to the 3dmark.com online service (default off).


Export results to the XML file.


Save benchmark progress log to <log-file>. Logging does not affect scores. 

If this option is not used, the last 1000 lines of logging are saved to the default location:



Enable per workload debug logging. Log files for each workload run are saved to: 


--register=<product key>

Register VRMark with the given key.


Unregister VRMark.


Removes all DLCs and settings files


Changes the destination path for downloaded DLCs and other runtime files


Changes the language of the application, valid language options are: English en-US, German de-DE, Chinese Simplified zh-Hans, Russian ru-RU


Passes command line parameters to the application in encoded form


Verbose logging


Show command line options


These examples assume that you have mybenchmark.vrmdef in the folder which defines your benchmark run and that you have write permissions to the same directory.

Loop Blue Room Desktop indefinitely using default settings.

VRMarkCmd.exe --definition=..\..\benchmark_blue_room_desktop.vrmdef --loop=0 --out=myresults.vrmark-result

Loop three times with customized "mybenchmark.vrmmdef" settings, saving results to myresults.vrmark-result (there will be three numbered result files, one per run)

VRMarkCmd.exe --definition=..\..\benchmark_blue_room_desktop.vrmdef --loop=3 --out=myresults.vrmark-result

Install DLCs downloaded separately.

VRMarkCmd.exe --install="C:\downloads\"

Change language to German.

VRMarkCmd.exe --language=de-DE

Change DLC install path

VRMarkCmd.exe --path="D:\VRMarkDlc"