If you have a VRMark Advanced Edition or Professional Edition upgrade key, copy it into the box and press the Register button. To unregister your key, to move your license to a different PC for example, press the Unregister button.

Version details

Here you see the current version number of the VRMark application and the different Rooms. If a newer version is available, you will be able to update from this screen. 


Use the drop-down menu to change the display language. Your choices are:

  • English
  • German
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian

Experience mode audio

Use this setting to turn the sound effects in Experience mode on or off. The option is provided as a preference. It has no effect on performance. 

Validate result online

This option is only available in VRMark Professional Edition where it is disabled by default. In VRMark Basic and Advanced Editions, all results are validated online automatically.

Automatically hide results online   

Check this box if you would prefer to keep your VRMark scores private. Hidden results are not visible to other users and do not appear in search results. 

    VRMark Basic Edition, disabled by default and cannot be selected. 

    VRMark Advanced Edition, disabled by default.

    VRMark Professional Edition, selected by default.

Scan SystemInfo

SystemInfo is a component used in UL benchmarks to identify the hardware in your system or device. It does not collect any personally identifiable information. This option is selected by default and is required in order to get a valid benchmark test score.

SystemInfo hardware monitoring

This option controls whether SystemInfo monitors your GPU frequency, load, and temperature, and other hardware information during the benchmark run. This option is selected by default.

Allow content to run on an HMD

Selecting this option lets you use your VR headset as the output device instead of your desktop monitor. When you run a Benchmark or Experience on a VR headset, the frame rate will be capped at 90 frames per second. You will not get full result details. 

The benchmarks use an animated camera. For your own comfort, you should not wear the headset while the test is running. Some headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, detect whether the headset is being worn. You will need to cover the proximity sensor with your finger or tape. Or you can place the headset on your forehead rather than over your eyes.