The Blue Room test is a more intense test in terms of GPU load. It draws in a higher resolution and has more geometry. This results in a higher CPU load for preparing the scene and D3D calls. As a result, there is no CPU physics load in the Blue Room benchmark. 

Rendering work focuses on surface and volumetric illumination. The test uses a deferred tile-based lighting method with one volumetric shadow-casting spotlight. The test features bloom effects and 2×MSAA as the anti-aliasing solution with 16×Anisotropic filtering.

The rendering resolution is 5012 × 2880 (5K). When a headset is connected, the rendered image is then distorted so that it looks natural when seen through the headset's lens and scaled to the native 1080 × 1200 per eye display resolution used by both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.