The My device screen shows your device's score history and hardware and software specifications.

Your best results

This section shows your best result from each benchmark test. Tap on a result to open the Score Details screen.

Your result history

This section has a table that lists all your past benchmark runs on this device. Tap on the Date, result or Test column headings to change the ordering of the results in the table. Tap on a result to open the Score Details screen.

Device specifications

This part of the screen lists the specifications for your device. The star rating shows how the performance of your device compares with other models. Popularity is based on the number of results submitted per model in the last 30 days.

If any of the hardware details are wrong, tap the REPORT INCORRECT DEVICE DATA to report the problem to our support team.

Score details screen

The score details screen shows your benchmark score and scores from each test. 

The Monitoring data chart shows how your device's battery charge level, temperature and CPU clock frequency changed during the benchmark run.