Support for the PCMark for Android Work 1.0 benchmark ended on May 11, 2021. It is no longer available in the app. We recommend using the Work 3.0 benchmark to test the latest Android devices.

The PCMark for Android Work 1.0 benchmark tells you how your device handles common productivity tasks such as browsing the web, watching videos, working with documents, and editing photos.

Work 1.0 performance benchmark

Use the Work 1.0 performance benchmark to test the performance of your device. This test takes around 20 minutes on a typical smartphone.

Work 1.0 battery life benchmark

Use the Work 1.0 battery life benchmark to measure battery life and performance. Measuring performance and battery life together provides a better view of the overall profile of a device than benchmarking performance alone.

The Work 1.0 battery life benchmark uses the same workloads as the Work 1.0 performance benchmark. 

The battery must be at least 80% charged before the test will start. The test loops the Work 1.0 performance benchmark until the battery charge drops below 20%. Do not use the charging cable or connect your device to a PC while the test is running.

Battery life testing can take many hours during which you will not be able to use your device for other tasks.


Web Browsing

Web Browsing measures the time to render a web page, search for content, and re-render the page after editing and adding an item. The test used the native Android WebView view.

Video Playback

Video Playback measures the average frame rate during playback as well as the time to load, and seek within, 1080p video content using the native Android MediaPlayer API.


Writing measures the time to open, edit, cut, copy and paste text and images into a document using the native Android EditText view.

Photo Editing

Photo Editing measures the time taken to open, edit, and save a set of 4 MP JPEG images while using four different APIs to filter and manipulate the images.