The reported battery life is an estimate for a 95% duty cycle (from 100% charged to 5%) extrapolated from the actual, measured battery life during the benchmark run:

Work Battery Life    =    
    0.95 × (achieved_run_time)/(battery_level_on_start -battery_level_on_end)

The Work battery life benchmark also produces an overall Work performance benchmark score, which is an average of the result from each loop while the battery test was running.

Work score    =    geomean(WebBrowsing, VideoPlayback, Writing,PhotoEditing)

The subtest performance scores are calculated as geometric means of the results from test passes 1 to n:

WebBrowsing    =    geomean(Score_1, …, Score_n)
VideoPlayback  =    geomean(Score_1, …, Score_n)
Writing        =    geomean(Score_1, …, Score_n)
PhotoEditing   =    geomean(Score_1, …, Score_n)

The performance monitoring chart shows the performance score from each loop of the test. This makes it easy to see if performance decreases over time due to thermal issues or other factors.