The Video Playback test measures how well your device performs when asked to load, play, and seek within 1080p video content. The test uses the native Android MediaPlayer API and runs in landscape screen orientation.

The video content is 1080p resolution (1920 × 1080), encoded in H.264 using the baseline profile, level 4.0, with a variable bit rate target of 4.5 Mbps (max 5.4), at 30 FPS. The videos were encoded using Adobe Media Encoder CC using the Android - Tablet 1080p 29.97fps preset as the basis, but with the frame rate set to 30 FPS. 

Workload tasks

  1. Start playback of video 1 
  2. Play the video
  3. Start playback of video 2 
  4. Play the video
  5. Start playback of video 3 
  6. Play the video
  7. Start playback of video 4 
  8. Seek within the video
    1.     pause, seek 1000 ms forward, play, then repeat until 78000 ms is reached
    2.     seek to 65000ms
    3.     seek to 95000ms


VideoPlayback score    =    5,000 × (1/Rt × (1/Rs)^2 × Rf^4)^(1/7) 


Rt    =    The arithmetic average of the loading times measured in tasks 1, 3, 5 and 7. The measured time starts when the media framework is initializing and stops when the first frame is displayed.

Rs    =    The arithmetic average of seek times measured in task 8. The measured time starts when the seek operation is triggered and stops when the next video frame appears on the display.

Rf    =    The arithmetic average of average playback frame rates measured in tasks 2, 4 and 6.