You need to add an installer for each licensed UL benchmark you want to use with Testdriver.

Testdriver supports PCMark 10, 3DMark, VRMark, and UL Procyon benchmarks. You can also use older benchmarks like PCMark 8 and 3DMark 11, but please note that these older tests are no longer supported by UL. 

Testdriver can support multiple versions of the same benchmark, though we recommend using the latest version.

You can also import new versions of the SystemInfo component and the Testdriver Client into the Admin Tool to trigger automatic updates on all connected client systems.

To get started, first open the Testdriver Admin Tool, and go to the Products screen.

Click on the License tab to see the UL benchmarks included in your license file.

The next step is to add the installer for each licensed benchmark. The download link(s) for UL benchmark installers are provided with your purchase. If you have misplaced the email with your link(s), please contact our sales team for assistance.

  1. On the Products screen, click on the Local tab.
  2. Click on the Import Installer or Update Script button.
  3. Choose an installer file to import. This should be the full zip file, for example, 
  4. The Admin tool will then unzip the files to a folder at C:\Testdriver\Installers\repo 

The products you added now appear on the Products tab.