Testdriver supports running benchmarks on multiple installations of Windows on the same computer. For this to work correctly, please ensure that: 

  • Each Windows installation has the Testdriver Client installed,
  • Each Testdriver Client installation is configured with the same endpoint ID and server settings (more on this below),
  • Each Windows installation is configured to log in automatically as a user that starts the Testdriver Client on login.

 The endpoint ID is specified in %ProgramData%\TestdriverClient\client.conf.

The Testdriver Server host/port is specified in %ProgramData%\TestdriverClient\dash_root.txt. 

Instead of editing these manually, you can use the testdriver_client_quiet_install_with_existing_config.bat script included in the Tetsdriver release package. The script must be run with administrator privileges. It takes the drive letter from which to copy the configuration as a parameter.


Suppose drive D: contains another Windows installation on which the Testdriver Client is already set up. The Testdriver Client can then be installed on the current system, with the same configuration, as follows:

  1. Open the Windows Command Prompt with Administrator privileges
  2. Run testdriver_client_quiet_install_with_existing_config.bat D

Please see the guide to the Run control screen to learn how to run benchmarks on systems with multiple operating systems.