By default, Testdriver will store its data in the directory C:\Testdriver. As the contents of this directory can grow quite large, it may be desirable to use a different path, e.g. on another drive. The directory is currently not configurable, but Windows' directory symbolic links can be used as a workaround to redirect the directory to another path.

  1. If the Testdriver Admin Tool is running, close it.
  2. Open the Windows Services panel. (Press Windows+R to bring up the Run dialog and enter services.msc)
  3. Find the Testdriver service and stop it. (Right-click → Stop)
  4. Find the PostgreSQL service and stop it. (Right-click → Stop. The name of the service should be something like postgresql-x64-9.4)
  5. Move the C:\Testdriver directory to the desired location.
  6. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges.
  7. Enter the following command (replace DIR with the new path to the Testdriver directory): mklink /D C:\Testdriver DIR
  8. Verify that the link was created. You should see a message like "symbolic link created for C:\Testdriver [...]".
  9. Start the Testdriver Admin Tool. This will restart the services that were stopped, and after a few moments, the "Testdriver Running" checkmark should appear.