Benchmarks are essential tools for testing and comparing PC performance. But manually benchmarking more than a few systems at a time quickly becomes time-consuming. And reporting is a challenge if you have to collect result files in person.

Testdriver makes benchmark automation easy. With Testdriver, you don't have to be physically present at the PCs you are testing. You can deploy and run benchmarks on any PC in your organization from one central control console.

You can schedule benchmark runs, check the running status, and view benchmark results from any device on your network. Testdriver handles the remote installation and running of the benchmarks and automatically returns the results to your central database. With its powerful features and options, Testdriver makes it easy to benchmark hundreds, even thousands of PCs at a time.

Introduction to Testdriver components

Testdriver has several connected parts that we will refer to throughout this guide. 

Testdriver Server

Testdriver requires one central system to run the service, host the database, and provide admin controls. This system is called the Testdriver Server. While this system is referred to as the server, it can be any Windows PC that meets the system requirements for Testdriver On-Premises Edition.

Endpoint systems

The systems that you plan to test are called endpoints in this guide. Each endpoint must have a network connection to the Testdriver Server system. The system requirements for an endpoint depend on the test you want to run.

Testdriver Client

The Testdriver Client is a small application that you install on each endpoint system you plan to test. It enables the Testdriver Server to connect to the endpoint system to install and run benchmarks.

Testdriver Admin Tool

The Testdriver Admin Tool is used to install and configure your Tesdriver setup. 

  • Configure the Testdriver Service
  • Manage user access
  • Manage benchmark licenses and installers
  • Configure the Testdriver Database

Testdriver Service

The Testdriver Service uses a convenient browser-based interface that makes benchmark automation easy. Testdriver users can use all non-administrative functionality with any modern web browser. No other software required.

You use the Testdriver Service to set up and schedule benchmark runs on endpoint systems, monitor progress and status, analyze results, and produce reports. 

Testdriver Database

Testdriver automatically collects and stores all your benchmark results in a central database on the Testdriver Server system. You can explore your Testdriver Database with Testdriver's built-in reporting and result management tools or use your own business intelligence software.


How to install Testdriver On-Premises Edition