Testdriver allows you to import software update scripts, which you can then download and run on select endpoints. You could use this feature to deploy and install hardware drivers, for example. 

There is some scripting required to handle the installation and, optionally, the uninstallation of the software. Follow these steps to create an update package and import it into Testdriver.

  1. Write a Windows batch script that handles the installation. Optionally, write a second script to handle uninstallation. These scripts act as entry points and can execute any other software needed. For example, an install script could be as simple as a command line running an .exe file. A script with exit code 0 is considered a success, while any other exit code is interpreted as a failed installation.
  2. Bundle these scripts with the filenames install.bat and uninstall.bat along with all the other required files (such as installer executables and resources) into a .zip archive. Batch files must be placed into the archive’s root folder.
  3. Import the .zip package via the Import Installer or Update Script button on the Products screen in the Testdriver Admin Tool.