The Settings screen helps you manage endpoint systems.

Run status auto-refresh interval

This setting specifies the time interval for refreshing the Run status screen.

Computers and groups

You can create new categories to organize and manage your endpoint systems In this panel.

Click on the large blue Create New Category button to create a category.

Click on Edit to rename or delete a category.

Clicking on an endpoint name lets you assign the endpoint to categories and change the name used for the endpoint throughout the service. 

Disabling an endpoint prevents it from appearing in the Run Control and Run Status screens. 

Deleting an endpoint removes it from the Settings screen. In both cases, results from the endpoint are not affected.

Select endpoints by clicking (shift, ctrl supported), or dragging and selecting. Assign endpoints to categories by drag & drop. Multiple endpoints can be disabled at once by dragging and dropping them into the Disabled Computers category.