The release package includes optional batch files that allow you to install the Testdriver Client silently.

The testdriver_client_quiet_install.bat file takes parameters for the Testdriver Server host, port, and the endpoint's UI name, as in the example below. 

testdriver_client_quiet_install.bat port endpoint_01 

You can also use the batch file with the Testdriver Server IP address and only the default UI name as a parameter.

Open the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) using the run as administrator option, then run the batch file with your chosen parameters.

The endpoint system must be able to connect to the Testdriver server on the port specified, (8087 by default). The Testdriver Client installer will open the port in the Windows firewall automatically. If the Testdriver Server has a third-party firewall, ensure that this port is open in the firewall or the clients will not be able to connect to the Testdriver Server.