Testdriver server

Testdriver requires one central system to host the database and run services. This system is called the Testdriver Server in this guide.

OSWindows 10
CPUQuad-core processor
Memory4 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended
Storage7.5 GB plus space for your result database
Prerequisites .NET Framework 4.5
Tesdriver will run from a system with Windows 7 x64, but it is not supported on that platform.

Endpoint systems

The systems that you test are called endpoints. Each endpoint must have a network connection to the central Testdriver system, the Testdriver Server. The system requirements for an endpoint depend on the test you want to run. All currently supported UL benchmarks are compatible with Windows 11.

System requirements for UL Procyon benchmarks

System requirements for PCMark 10 benchmarks

System requirements for 3DMark benchmarks

System requirements for VRMark benchmarks