The settings on the Options screen apply to all PCMark 10 benchmark tests.



Use the drop down to change the display language. The choices are:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese


Validate result online

This option is only available in PCMark 10 Professional Edition where it is disabled by default. In PCMark 10 Basic and Advanced Editions, all results are validated online automatically.

Automatically hide results online

Check this box if you wish to keep your PCMark 10 test scores private. Hidden results are not visible to other users and do not appear in search results. 

  • PCMark 10 Basic Edition, disabled by default and cannot be selected.
  • PCMark 10 Advanced Edition, disabled by default.
  • PCMark 10 Professional Edition, enabled by default.


Scan SystemInfo

SystemInfo is a component used in UL benchmarks to identify the hardware in your system or device. It does not collect any personally identifiable information. This option is selected by default and is required to get a valid benchmark test score.

SystemInfo hardware monitoring

This option controls whether SystemInfo monitors your CPU temperature, clock speed, power, and other hardware information during the benchmark run. This option is selected by default.


Write detailed log

This option is disabled by default since it can affect performance. You should only use this option when instructed as part of resolving a support request.


Register / Unregister

If you have a PCMark 10 Advanced or Professional Edition license key, copy it into the box and press the Register button. If you wish to unregister your key, so you can move your license to a different machine, for example, press the Unregister button.

Version details

This panel shows the version number of the app, SystemInfo and system benchmarks. Use Check for updates to see if there are new versions available.