The Edge test models common home and office web browsing activities such as social media, online shopping, viewing maps, watching video, and browsing static web pages with the Microsoft Edge browser.


The Edge test is similar to the PCMark 10 Web Browsing workload. The workload uses Microsoft Edge. Other browsers installed on the system will not affect the result.  

The content is served with a local lightweight web server that is embedded into the benchmark. The content is custom-made for the benchmark and represents popular web sites.


Social media

The social media workload simulates usage of social media platforms and includes the following tasks:

  • Navigates to and load a social media site.
  • The page updates the news feed with new content.
  • The page updates the feed again.

Online shopping

The online shopping workload simulates an online store. The workload performs the following tasks:

  • The user views shopping items in high resolution and zooms into the image.
  • The user views items in a 3D model presentation.


The map workload simulates the visualization of information on a map. The workload includes the following tasks:

  • The user navigates to the map site.
  • The page adds some useful graphics such as traffic information.
  • The user zooms into the map.


The video workload simulates online video playback. The workload views a selection of HD and 4K UHD video clips using two codecs. The video workload measures the frame rate of the video playback.


The Edge test score formula uses a geomean of the workload results to calculate the overall score.

Edge score    =     K × geomean(1/R_1,1/R_2,R_3,1/R_4,1/R_5,R_6)  

K      =    scoring coefficient      =    772
R_3    =    Shop view     =    geomean(A_1,A_2)
R_4    =    Video view    =    geomean(A_3,A_4) 
ResultDefinitionUnitTypical range
R_1Social media page load
s0.1 - 0.4
R_2Social media feed update
s0.1 - 0.3
Shop load 3D object
s1.2 - 2.8
R_5Map infographics update
s0.1 - 0.4
Shop view image
A_2Shop animate 3D object
A_3Video 1080p H.264
A_4Video 2160p H.264