The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark uses Microsoft Office applications. Featuring tests that run in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Edge, the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark helps you measure practical, real-world performance for the modern office.

You can also benchmark the latest Snapdragon-powered Always Connected PCs running Windows 10 on Arm, with results that are comparable with scores from traditional x86-based devices.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark includes the following tests:

System requirements

You must have Microsoft Office installed on the PC under test before you can run the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark. The Microsoft Office installation must be registered and, if required, you should sign in before starting the benchmark.

The test is compatible with Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office 2021, Microsoft Office 2019, Microsoft Office 2016, and Microsoft Office 2013.


The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark score is calculated from the geometric mean of the individual test scores. The higher the score, the better the performance.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark score    =    K × geomean (S_1,S_2,S_3,S_4) 


K      =    scoring coefficient      =    1 
S_1    =    Microsoft Word score 
S_2    =    Microsoft Excel score 
S_3    =    Microsoft PowerPoint score
S_4    =    Microsoft Edge score