The test models the use of hobbyist and professional 3D design, modeling and visualization applications.

The test covers two scenarios:

  1. Visualization of a 3D model
  2. Calculating a simulation


The tests use a modified engine from 3DMark Sling Shot running custom content in an OpenGL 4.3 code path. 

The ray-tracing test uses a POV-Ray build created by UL. The modifications are:

  • The dimensions of the image produced by the POV-Ray benchmark have been changed from 512 × 512 to 256 × 256.
  • The registry entry is changed from POV-Ray to POV-Ray-Futuremark
  • The editor is not loaded
  • Removed a warning about “ambient” being deprecated from the main window.

The workload for the ray tracing test is the built-in benchmark scene in POV-Ray, with the output image size 256 × 256. The score is calculated as the total time it took to run the POV-Ray benchmark.

Rendering and Visualization score

Rendering and Visualization score    =    K × geomean(R_1, 1 / R_2)

K    =     scoring coefficient    =     3530

ResultDefinitionUnitTypical range
R_2Ray tracing