The PCMark 10 Extended benchmark produces a PCMark 10 Extended benchmark score and a set of test group scores.

PCMark 10 Extended score

PCMark 10 Extended score    =    K × geomean (S_e,S_p,S_d,S_g)

K      =    0.780 (to scale the score to 5,000 on the reference PC)
S_e    =    Essentials test group score
S_p    =    Productivity test group score
S_d    =    Digital Content Creation test group score
S_g    =    Gaming test group score

Test group scores

Essentials score    =    geomean(E_1,E_2,E_3)

E_1    =    App Start-up score
E_2    =    Web Browsin score
E_3    =    Video Conferencing score

Productivity score    =    geomean(P_1,P_2 )

P_1    =    Writing score
P_2    =    Spreadsheets score

Digital Content Creation score    =    geomean(D_1,D_2,D_3 )

D_1    =    Photo Editing score
D_2    =    Video Editing score
D_3    =    Rendering and Visualization score

Gaming score    =    Gaming workload score