The PowerPoint test models common tasks when working with presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.


The PowerPoint test builds upon PCMark 8 Microsoft PowerPoint test.


The PowerPoint test simulates working with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations by making a series of edits to an image-rich PowerPoint file. The workload performs the following tasks:

  1. Start Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Stretch the application window
  3. Open the presentation
  4. Browse through each slide in turn and simulate reviewing by sleeping each slide
  5. Add several slides to the presentation
  6. Add image to the new slide and crop it
  7. Save the presentation into a new file
  8. Add text to the new slide
  9. Add a video to the presentation
  10. Save the finished presentation into a new file
  11. Export the presentation into a PDF file


The PowerPoint test score formula uses a geomean of the workload results to calculate the overall score.

Microsoft PowerPoint score    =    

    K × 1 / geomean(R_1,R_2,R_3,R_4,R_5,R_6,R_7,R_8,R_9,R_10)  

Where: K      =    scoring coefficient      =    3750
ResultDefinitionUnitTypical range
R_1Start application
s0.2 – 0.6
R_2Open document
s0.5 – 2.3
Resize document
s0.1 – 0.5
R_4Browse document
s0.1 – 0.2
R_5Add slide
s0.8 – 2.5
R_6Add image
s0.2 – 0.8
R_7Add text
s0.6 – 1.8
R_8Add video
s1.0 – 3.0
R_9Export to PDF
s2.8 – 8.2
R_10Save document
s0.2 – 2.1