The PCMark 10 Applications scenario measures battery life during light and medium office work using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Edge. It includes balanced tasks using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Edge separated by short periods of idle time.

You can use custom settings to run selected workloads if you wish. Note that scores from custom tests cannot be compared with scores from default runs.

The Applications scenario is compatible with the Snapdragon-powered Always Connected PCs running Windows 10 on Arm. Scores from these devices are comparable with scores from traditional x86-based devices.


The PCMark 10 Applications Battery Life scenario includes the same tests as the Applications performance benchmark. These are:

  • Word test
  • Excel test
  • PowerPoint test
  • Edge test

PCMark 10 Applications Battery Life scenario runs in 10 minutes loops. If a workload is completed in less than 10 minutes, the benchmark will idle until the full 10 minutes have elapsed before starting the next loop.

The time data below comes from running the test on a reference machine to illustration the workload and idle behaviour.

Duration on reference machine
Word10 minutes ( 2 min busy, 8 min idle)
Excel10 minutes ( 2.10 min busy, 7.50 min idle)
PowerPoint10 minutes ( 3.15 min busy, 6.45 min idle)
Edge10 minutes ( 4.20 min busy, 5.40 min idle)

Benchmark result

The PCMark 10 Applications scenario reports battery life time from the start of the test until the device goes into hibernation or shuts down. The time is reported in hours and minutes.