How to install Testdriver

  1. Install the Testdriver Admin Tool
  2. Import your license file
  3. Add benchmark products
  4. Add users and manage access
  5. Configure the Testdriver service
  6. Add c systems

Import your license file

Testdriver requires a license file to operate. Your license file is provided with your purchase. If you have misplaced your file, please contact our sales team for assistance.

The license file includes the license keys for all the benchmark products you own, so you only need one license file to unlock all appropriate Testdriver functionality. Each license file is directly assigned to your company. Do not share your license file with other parties. License files distributed with a previous release are also compatible with later releases.

To register your license file, open the Testdriver Admin Tool, then click on Import License and choose your license file.

A green check shows that your license was successfully imported.

Go to the Products screen and click on the License tab to see the license key for each benchmark product available with your license.

If you already have a Professional Edition license for a UL benchmark from a previous purchase, but the license is not shown on the Products screen, then please contact our sales team to request a new license file that includes your existing licenses.

Next step

Add benchmark products