UL Procyon benchmarks use real applications and relevant use cases whenever possible. 

The UL Procyon Video Editing Benchmark uses Adobe Premiere Pro in a typical video editing workflow.

The benchmark is modelled on the workflow of a professional video blogger who wants to edit footage from a GoPro and other similar devices into an exciting and action-packed video to publish on YouTube. 


The Video Editing Export test is modeled on a user exporting a video in Premiere Pro. The test models a non-interactive user.

The benchmark consists of two input projects; one that has more basic operations and one that has operations that can be accelerated on the GPU. Both projects are exported as H.264 - Youtube 1080p Full HD and HEVC (H.265) - 4K UHD.

The input projects are

  1. VideoEditing.prproj, denoted in measurements with the postfix “_1” 
  2. VideoEditingSecond.prproj, denoted in measurements with the postfix “_2”

Open the project

Each project has all the imported footage, timeline setup, edits, adjustments, effects set up and applied to the sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Export the project using a preset

The benchmark uses two modified presets in Adobe Premiere Pro. Four exports are measured in total. 

  • H.264 - YouTube 1080p Full HD with the following modifications:

    • Use Maximum Render Quality on 
    • Render at Maximum Depth on 
    • Target Bitrate [Mbps] 25 
    • Maximum Bitrate [Mbps] 25
  • HEVC (H.265) - 4K UHD with the following modifications:

    • Use Maximum Render Quality on
    • Render at Maximum Depth 
    • Target Bitrate [Mbps] 60 
    • Maximum Bitrate [Mbps] 60

Input files

Resolution3840 × 21603840 × 21603840 × 2160
Frame rate60 FPS30 FPS30 FPS
Video data rate48060 kbps64752 kbps61992 kbps
Video bit rate48377 kbps65069 kbps62310 kbps
Audio data rate317 kbps317 kbps317 kbps
Audio channels222
Audio frequency48.000 kHz48.000 kHz48.000 kHz
File size894 MB845 MB1120 MB

Exported files

Project fileExport presetOutputMeasurement
VideoEditing.prprojH.264 - YouTube 1080p Full HD1920 × 1080 at 60 FPSexport_h264_1
VideoEditingSecond.prprojH.264 - YouTube 1080p Full HD1920 × 1080 at 60 FPSexport_h264_2
VideoEditing.prprojHEVC (H.265) - 4K UHD3840 × 2160 at 60 FPSexport_h265_1
VideoEditingSecond.prprojHEVC (H.265) - 4K UHD3840 × 2160 at 60 FPSexport_h265_2

ResultMeasurementUnitResult nameResult metric
Export Project 1 as H.264 TimesecondsVideoEditingExportH2641


Export Project 2 as H.264 TimesecondsVideoEditingExportH2642


Export Project 1 as H.265 TimesecondsVideoEditingExportH2651


Export Project 2 as H.265 TimesecondsVideoEditingExportH2652dbg_video_editing_run_time_export_h265_2