The Result screen shows your benchmark score, detailed workload scores, hardware monitoring charts and system details.

Benchmark score

In the top-left corner panel of the result screen, you see your benchmark score. The higher the score, the better the performance. Beneath that are the model names of the CPU and GPU in the system under test.

Application versions

The Application versions panel shows which versions of the third-party applications were used in the benchmark. 

There can be significant performance differences between releases of applications. When comparing benchmark scores from two or more systems, make sure all the results were obtained with the same application version.

Detailed scores

This section shows the sub-scores from the benchmark workload(s).



Return to the main screen to choose and run another benchmark.

Save to cloud

Save the result to the online results service on Your results are private by default and will not visible to other users. 

Show log

Show the activity log for the benchmark run for troubleshooting.

Export as file

Save the current benchmark result optionally choosing a new file name and file location.

Export as PDF

Save the current benchmark result in a formatted PDF document for record-keeping or reporting.

Export as XML

Save the current benchmark result as an XML file for further analysis or reporting in other tools. 

Hardware monitoring

Below the benchmark scores, you will find the monitoring section. The charts in this section show how CPU and GPU load, clock frequency and temperature changed during the benchmark run.

Click on the chart legend to see different measurements. Hover the mouse over the chart to see the measured value. 


Use this toggle to show or hide the lines that mark the start of each workload.

Show details

Use this toggle to expand or collapse the monitoring section.

System information

This section of the result screen shows the hardware specification and other relevant information from the system under test. Some parts, such as drive details, can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on the arrow icon.