UL Procyon One hour Battery Consumption benchmark is based on the industry standard workloads found in the UL Procyon Battery Life benchmark. It's designed to simplify testing the impact that software and system settings have on the battery consumption of a PC or Mac in a variety of typical use cases.

Please note that this benchmark is not suitable for measuring and comparing battery life between different systems.

The Procyon One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark provides a quick and easy way to understand the effect that software or settings changes can have on device power draw, whether it’s driver and OS updates, security and enterprise device management software, power-saving settings or even reducing the screen’s brightness.

Each scenario in the benchmark is built around real-world workloads, developed as one-hour standardized versions of our Procyon Battery Life Benchmark Office Productivity, Video and Idle scenarios. The built-in calibration tool on Windows helps prevent user settings like automatic screen brightness settings from affecting results.

While the One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark provides detailed results for measuring the impact of software on power drain for a single device, battery level reporting and system power draw may vary based on the battery level. This means results cannot and should not be extrapolated for battery life comparisons.

The Windows PC benchmark can be run from the UL Procyon app or the command line. The Apple Mac benchmark can be installed and run from the Testdriver Cloud UI or the command line.

UL Procyon benchmarks use real applications whenever possible. Updates to those applications can affect your benchmark score. When comparing two or more systems, be sure to use the same version of each application on every system you test.