UL Procyon is a growing suite of benchmark tests for professional users in industry, enterprise, government, retail and press roles. Each Procyon benchmark shares a common approach to design, user experience and features to better meet the needs of professional users. 

Each benchmark is designed for a specific use case and uses real applications where possible. UL works closely with its industry partners to ensure that every Procyon benchmark is accurate, relevant and impartial.

UL Procyon benchmarks combine the relevance of real apps with the convenience of a standardized test that produces consistent, repeatable results every time. What’s more, the UL Procyon benchmarks are also easy to install and run from the UL Procyon app or the command line with no complicated configuration required.

Each benchmark produces a score, with higher scores indicating better performance. You also get a sub-score for each test and fine-grained workload metrics. You can compare up to four results side by side in the app. You can export result files to PDF for reporting or as XML files for integration with other analysis tools.

The UL Procyon benchmark suite has flexible licensing that lets you pick and choose the individual benchmarks that best meet your needs. You can buy just one benchmark or add more in any combination.

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