You can run UL Procyon benchmarks from the command line.

  1. Go to the Windows 10 start screen
  2. Type CMD
  3. Right-click on the Command Prompt app
  4. Select Run as Administrator

Type the command below in the Command Prompt window and press enter.

ProcyonCmd.exe [options] 


The parameters for an option can be set either with a space in between the option and the parameter (--in myresult.procyon-result), or with an equal sign between the option and the parameter (--in=myresult.procyon-result).

Square brackets, [ ], indicate an optional parameter. The default value will be used if a parameter is not provided.

When on or off is omitted with an option, on is assumed.

-h, --help

Prints the available command line options.

--register <license key>

Register the benchmark with the given license key.

--unregister [<license key>]

Unregister the license key. 

If no product key is given then all product keys will be unregistered.

-d <benchmark.xml>, 
--definition <benchmark.xml>

Specifies the benchmark definition XML file that defines the tests and settings to be used.

--loop [<count>]

Set the number of times to loop benchmark. The default is 1. Use 0 for an infinite loop stress test, in which the benchmark will not end until aborted.

--in <file.procyon-result>

Load the given result file. To be used in conjunction with --online to submit the result online, or with --export-xml or --export-pdf to export the result file.

--out <file.procyon-result>

Save the benchmark results to the given result file.

--result-name <name >

Sets the string value “Name” in the result file.

--result-description <description>

Sets the string value “Description” in the result file.

--export-xml <file.xml>

Export the benchmark results to the given XML file.

--export-pdf <file.pdf>

Export the benchmark results to the given PDF file.

--systeminfo [on|off]

Collect SystemInfo. Default value: off.

--systeminfomonitor [on|off]

Enable SystemInfo Monitoring. Default value: off.

--log <log-file>

Save benchmark progress log to <log-file>. Logging does not affect scores. 

If this option is not used, the last 1000 lines of logging are saved to the default location:



Enable per workload debug logging. Log files for each workload run are saved to: 



Verbose logging


Recover a result after a crash, saved to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Procyon folder unless --out is defined


Deletes the temporary files left by previous runs.


These examples assume that there is a custom settings file mybenchmark.def  in the folder c:\ProcyonResults, and that the user has write permissions to the same folder. Note that these examples omit systeminfo scans. If hardware information is desired, add --systeminfo=on. If hardware monitoring data is desired, add --systeminfomonitor=on to each example.

Run the Photo Editing Benchmark

Run the Photo Editing benchmark and save the result to a given file. 

ProcyonCmd.exe --definition=photo_editing.def --out=C:\ProcyonResults\myresults.procyon-result

Loop three times

Run the benchmark with a customized "mybenchmark.def" settings file, loop it three times, and save the results to myresults.procyon-result. There will be three numbered result files, one per run.

ProcyonCmd.exe --definition=C:\ProcyonResults\mybenchmark.def –-loop=3 --out=C:\ProcyonResults\myresults.procyon-result

Exporting with command line switch

Option 1:

  • Use -export-csv or -export-xml command line switch to export results as an XML or CSV file:  
    ./UL_Procyon -d office_productivity.def -o <Export File Name>.zip --export-csv ~/<Result File Name>.csv 
    ./UL_Procyon -d office_productivity.def -o ZipOfficeProductivityResult --export-csv OfficeProductivityResult.csv 

Option 2:

  • Use the -export-simple-CSV command line switch to export results as a single CSV file:  
    ./UL_Procyon -d office_productivity.def -o <Export File Name>.zip -l 2 --export-simple-csv <CSV File Name>.csv
    ./UL_Procyon -d office_productivity.def -o -l 2 --export-simple-csv OfficeProductivityResult.csv

Load a result file and export it as a PDF file

With a customized "mybenchmark.def" settings, save results to myresults.procyon-result. 

ProcyonCmd.exe --in=C:\ProcyonResults\myresults.procyon-result --export-pdf C:\ProcyonResults\myresults.pdf

Recover a result

After a crash, use --recovery to recover the benchmark result and save the result.

ProcyonCmd.exe --recovery --out="C:\ProcyonResults\recoveredResult\myresult.procyon-result"