The UL Procyon Office Productivity Benchmark uses Microsoft Office apps to measure Windows PC and Apple Mac computer performance for office productivity work. The benchmark workloads feature relevant, real-world tasks using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. 

This multi-platform benchmark combines the relevance of testing performance with the same apps that office workers use every day with the convenience of a standardized test that produces consistent, repeatable results. The Office Productivity Benchmark is simple to set up and run. The Windows PC benchmark can be run from the UL Procyon app or the command line. The Apple Mac benchmark can be installed and run from the Testdriver Cloud UI or the command line.

The Office Productivity Benchmark is designed around common tasks from a typical day at the office. The benchmark opens Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook emails. These applications are running simultaneously as the focus moves from one task to another. For example, the benchmark copies a chart from Excel and adds it to a PowerPoint slide. It takes text from one Word document and adds it to another.  

The benchmark focuses on measuring aspects of performance that affect the user experience, such as providing smooth interactions and processing large tasks quickly.

UL Procyon benchmarks use real applications whenever possible. Updates to those applications can affect your benchmark score. When comparing two or more systems, be sure to use the same version of each application on every system you test.