The PowerPoint test simulates a product manager making a project status presentation. The workload loads a document, adds images, copies images and text, adds and previews animations, merges content from other files, saves the file, and exports to PDF and video. This test is available on both Windows PC and Apple Mac computers.

Not included in scoring on Mac as opposed to Windows: 

  • Add animation 
  • Export video 
  • Merge 

Office Productivity PowerPoint score

The PowerPoint test produces an Office Productivity PowerPoint score. A higher score indicates better performance. The scaling constant in the score formula is used to bring the score in line with the traditional range for UL benchmarks. 

[dop] tag - corresponds to  dbg_office_productivity

PowerPoint score = 3200 / geometric mean of 



Measures the loading of a presentation. It has 27 slides and the size is around 88 MB. Repeated 6 times. The maximum value is dropped from the result calculation.

OfficeProductivityPowerpointLoad result = geometric mean of 


where the maximum value is dropped from the calculation. 


Measures copying of one paragraph of text from Word to a presentation. 9 times copied text over.

OfficeProductivityPowerpointCopyFromWord result = geometric mean of 



Measures adding of an image to a presentation. Repeated 4 times. The image resolution is 5669 × 3896.

OfficeProductivityPowerpointAddImage result = geometric mean of 


where the maximum value is dropped from the calculation.


Measures adding of animation to a presentation. Repeated 4 times.

Animations added are:

  • PpEntryEffect.ppEffectRandomBarsHorizontal
  • PpEntryEffect.ppEffectFlyFromBottom
OfficeProductivityPowerpointAddAnimation result = geometric mean of 



Measures saving of a presentation to a different location. The presentation is saved:

  • After adding animation, size 82 MB
  • After doing merge, size 5.9 MB
  • After adding video, size 98 MB

Each save is repeated three times.

OfficeProductivityPowerpointSave result = geometric mean of 


where the maximum value from each of the three saves is dropped from the calculation.


Measures merging of two presentations that have a common base and no conflicts.

OfficeProductivityPowerpointMerge result = geometric mean of 



Measures exporting of presentation to PDF. Size of the output PDF is 1.0 MB

OfficeProductivityPowerpointExportToPdf result = time taken to export to PDF


Measures creating a video of the presentation. The size of the output video is 14 MB.

 Video is 3s per slide, includes some animations, transitions. Vertical resolution: 720, frame rate: 30fps, quality: 85

OfficeProductivityPowerpointExportVideo result = time taken to export the video


Measures adding video to a presentation. Repeated 4 times.

Duration: 10s, resolution 3840 × 2160, frame rate: 23.98fps, data rate: 58423kbps

OfficeProductivityPowerpointAddVideo result = geometric mean of 


where the maximum value is dropped from the calculation.