The 3DMark application version number applies to the software as a whole. It changes often as we add new features and make updates to ensure compatibility with the latest devices. We recommend using the latest version of 3DMark.

A benchmark version number—for example, Sling Shot v2.2—is specific to a test. Benchmark version numbers change rarely and only when absolutely necessary. 

You can check the current application and benchmark version numbers from the Settings screen.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition 1.0.1034 — January , 2021

This update removes links to the 3DMark API Overhead app, which is no longer supported and no longer available from the App Store.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition 1.0.1032 — November 18, 2020


  • Removed Ice Storm from the Benchmarks list. Ice Storm tests no longer provide useful results with modern iOS devices. Ice Storm results and links have been removed from this app.
  • Set the maximum score for 3DMark Sling Shot and Sling Shot Extreme. The app displays “Maxed out” for devices that exceed the maximum score.
  • The app recommends 3DMark Wild Life for devices that “Maxed out” in 3DMark Sling Shot.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition 1.0.1010 — October 23, 2020

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected.


  • Improved compatibility with the latest models.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition 1.0.785 — September 28, 2016


  • Improved compatibility with iOS 10.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition 1.0.745 — April 18, 2016


This update fixes a bug from the previous release (1.0.734) that inflated Physics test scores. Scores from this version are again comparable across all compatible platforms and devices.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition 1.0.734 — March 29, 2016


Added Sling Shot Extreme, a more demanding test for the latest high-end smartphones and tablets. Sling Shot Extreme uses Apple's Metal API and a 2560 × 1440 rendering resolution. You can compare Sling Shot Extreme scores across platforms.


  • UI improvements.

3DMark Sling Shot iOS Edition v1.0.484 — October 16, 2015

Launch version.