A benchmark version number is specific to a test. Benchmark version numbers change rarely and only when absolutely necessary to accommodate changes in third-party applications or bug fixes.

Sling Shot and Sling Shot Extreme share some common version history as they use the same engine and assets.

3.1Improved compatibility with Arm Mali-G72 and Mali-G76 GPUs. Sling Shot Extreme benchmark scores for those GPUs will be lower with this version.
Enabled depth buffer in the lighting pass. Scores from v3.0 are not comparable with previous versions.
2.3Added Vulkan version of Sling Shot Extreme
2.2Fixed a Physics Test bug introduced in 3DMark Sling Shot iOS app version 1.0.745. Scores from v2.2 are again comparable across platforms and devices.
2.0Launch version for iOS
Improved Android version compatibility with Arm Mail GPUs. Scores from v2.0 are not comparable with v1.0 results.
1.0Launch version for Android