3DMark is a benchmarking software used for measuring the gaming performance of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It can be used to compare similar as well as different device categories to each other. 

3DMark supports Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. 

Note: A full Linux version of 3DMark is planned, and reviewers can request access to an early-access command-line version. 

Using 3DMark can assist reviewers in a variety of situations, for example: 

  • Test & compare the latest GPUs gaming performance with and without ray tracing enabled using 3DMark Speed Way and Steel Nomad.
  • Compare laptops running Windows, Windows-on-Arm, and MacOS using Solar Bay and Wild Life Extreme. 
  • Test the peak & sustained performance of Android smartphones and iPhones using 3DMark Benchmarks and Stress Tests.
  • Review new device categories like Game Handhelds with Steel Nomad and Solar Bay. 
  • Compare your old PC to your current smartphone
  • Use the 3DMark Stress Tests to evaluate device stability, cooling performance, and thermal throttling.
  • Analyze the real-world gaming performance of the latest SSDs with the 3DMark Storage Benchmark.
  • Use the 3DMark CPU Profile to benchmark CPU performance across a range of different core usage scenarios.  

UL Solutions Benchmarks has developed performance testing software for over 25 years. All of our benchmarks are built with input from Industry partners in our Benchmark Development Program to ensure each test provides fair, accurate, and reliable results for all supported hardware. 

Our benchmarks are used at every step of the way for tech. From members of industry developing and testing new products, hardware reviewers meticulously benchmarking and measuring for their reviews, or the newest members of the PC gaming community, assembling and stress-testing their first PC gaming rig. 

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Instructions to 3DMark

This is our step-by-step guide to how 3DMark can be used to add to the depth of your reviews. 

Choosing the right benchmark

3DMark offers a wide range of benchmarks and feature tests, and we're always working on growing the list.

We always recommend our latest tests when testing current and upcoming hardware, but some of our older tests can be useful for editorial content involving older hardware. We don't recommend using these tests with current hardware, as it can reach or exceed the limit of what these tests can provide useful scores for.

Below you can find our recommended benchmarks for common hardware review use cases 

Recommended 3DMark Benchmarks for reviewing new PC graphics hardware

Core benchmarks for new PC hardware: 

  • Speed Way - heavy ray traced gaming.
  • Steel Nomad - heavy gaming without raytracing (releasing in 2024)

Additional benchmarks for a comprehensive performance overview in PC hardware reviews:

Overview of recommended 3DMark GPU Benchmarks and workload category

Very HeavyHeavyMedium
Ray tracingSpeed Way
(Windows only)
Port Royal
(Windows only)
Solar Bay

No ray tracingSteel Nomad

Steel Nomad Light (cross-platform)
Wild Life Extreme (cross-platform)

Old Name
New Name
3DMark Basic Edition3DMark Demo
3DMark Advanced Edition3DMark
3DMark Professional Edition3DMark for Enterprise

3DMark recommended benchmarks for reviewing new mobile hardware and cross-platform comparisons

Mobile devices and cross-platform - smartphones, tablets, laptops with integrated graphics, game handhelds

Recommended 3DMark Benchmarks for reviewing CPU performance

Recommended 3DMark Benchmarks for reviewing SSD and HDD performance 

3DMark recommended cross-platform benchmarks supported platforms.

Solar Bay

Steel Nomad

Steel Nomad Light

Wild Life Extreme



The iOS version can be used on Macs, too. However, on some Mac devices the screen's maximum refresh rate can interfere with the benchmark and affect benchmark results. 
A native Mac OS version of 3DMark is in development that is not affected by this.

Devices seen as low performance in their category as well as aged hardware can still be tested - and even compared to faster, newer hardware. For these purposes, benchmarks like Wild Life, Time Spy, Fire Strike, and Night Raid are still supported. 

Getting 3DMark reviewers' licenses. 

Benchmarks developed by UL Solutions are used by hundreds of websites and magazines to provide in-depth performance reviews of the latest hardware. We happily support our partners who provide technical reviews with testing advice, technical support, and complimentary licenses. 

You can apply for reviewers' licenses and join our mailing list for news, updates, and offers for early access to our benchmarks at

If you have any other questions, you can also write to us at

Our reviewers' licenses are best suited for reviewing new hardware. They offer access to custom test settings, stress tests, explorer mode, batch testing with command-line and disabling 3DMark's automatic results submission (e.g. if you are reviewing devices still under NDA). 

3DMark reviewers' licenses also include all updates and DLCs, and are valid for one year, so you'll need to contact us when they expire for a new one.   

We also support aspiring new tech journalists. If you've started your own news tech site or channel, you're more than welcome to use the latest consumer versions of 3DMark in your reviews, even if you don't have a reviewers' license. 

Once you've published a good number of reviews - we'd be happy to consider your application for a full reviewers' license.  

Running 3DMark

Our support pages have user guides for all things 3DMark, please check the following links:

Using 3DMark for Windows

How to use the 3DMark Android app

How to use the 3DMark iOS app 

Overview of the 3DMark Storage Benchmark

Testing recommendations: How to benchmark properly - UL Solutions good testing guide 

If you have any issues please check our support pages or reach out to our PR & marketing team, we will try to help you get the most out of 3DMark. We are also always interested in your feedback to improve our benchmarks. 

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact us anytime at our reviewers' page 

Getting and using 3DMark assets and results in your content. 

Benchmarks developed by UL Solutions are used by hundreds of websites and magazines to provide in-depth performance reviews of the latest hardware. We happily support our partners who provide technical reviews with testing advice, technical support, and complimentary licenses. Write to and tell us how we can help you.

We provide a Press Kit with reviewers' licenses for our benchmarks containing screenshots of 3DMark Benchmarks and its UI for journalists to use in their articles. You can also contact us at our reviewers' page for access. 

For video content, we encourage the use of our benchmark footage in review content, as per fair use. We kindly ask that you do not upload the full benchmark runs in their entirety as videos with no additional content.