3DMark Night Raid is a DirectX 12 benchmark for laptops, notebooks, tablets and other mobile computing devices with integrated graphics. 3DMark Night Raid includes two Graphics tests and a CPU test.

Benchmark3DMark Night Raid
Target hardwarePCs with integrated graphics
WorkloadsGraphics Test 1 measures GPU performance
WorkloadsGraphics Test 2 measures GPU performance
WorkloadsCPU Test measures CPU performance
Graphics APIDirectX 12 feature level 11
Rendering resolution1920 × 1080

Native Support for Windows 10 on Arm

You can use Night Raid to benchmark and compare the performance of Always Connected PCs, a new category of devices that aim to combine the performance and functionality of a PC, with the all-day battery life, and always-on connectivity of a smartphone.

3DMark Night Raid has native support for Arm processors. Night Raid scores from devices powered by Windows 10 on Arm are comparable with scores from traditional PCs running Windows 10. 

On PCs running on Windows 10, the Night Raid CPU Test uses advanced instructions sets, up to AVX2 if supported, and the SSSE3 code path.

On devices running Windows 10 on Arm, the CPU Test uses the NEON instruction set.