Processor information is missing on 3DMark Home screen

If you see the error message, "Your CPU does not support SSSE 3" when trying to run Time Spy or Night Raid and your processor information is missing from the 3DMark Home screen, the problem may be caused by the Vanguard anti-cheat software that is packaged with Valorant from Riot Games. 

To fix this issue, disable Vanguard and restart 3DMark.

If you do not play Valorant or disabling Vanguard has no effect, then some other background program is possibly causing the CPU detection to fail. Ensure Futuremark SystemInfo component is up to date and if it is, contact UL Benchmarks support for assistance.

Processor information is visible on 3DMark Home screen

If you can see your processor information on the 3DMark Home screen, then your CPU is probably an older model that does not support the SSSE 3 instruction set that is required to run the Time Spy and Night Raid benchmarks.