This part of the 3DMark iOS app helps you compare the latest iPhone and iPad models. You can search, filter, and sort our list of the best devices. You can search for a device by name or by scrolling through the list. 

To find out more about a device, tap on its row to open a detailed view that is similar to the My Device screen.

Compare list options

There is a separate list for each benchmark. Tap on Filters to select the benchmark used for the list. 

Tap on Filters to sort the list by score or alphabetically by device name. Tap the sort icon to swap between ascending and descending order. You can further filter the list for a specific iOS version.       

How to compare two or more devices

It's easy to compare devices with 3DMark. Choose Select tap on device images to select devices and then click Compare at the bottom of the screen.

In the comparison view, you can select different tests by tapping on the test name. The chart shows how the devices' average scores compare. 

You can also see the differences in hardware and specifications.

How to compare Apple devices with Android models

Apple App Store rules do not allow us to show Android devices in our 3DMark iOS apps. You can compare Apple and Android devices on our website.