Wild Life is a GPU benchmark 

3DMark Wild Life measures GPU performance. It does not have a CPU test.

The Wild Life graphics test consists of multiple scenes with variations in the amount of geometry, lights and post-processing effects. The backbone of the test is a deferred renderer with clustered light culling. The scenes utilize transparent geometry in the form of clouds, dust and bright self-illuminated particles. The main source of illumination is the shadowed directional light. Unshadowed omni lights contribute to illumination as well, while a single non-shadowed frustum light is used in a few scenes. The post-processing effects include bloom, heat distortion, volume illumination and depth of field.

The test uses a 2560 × 1440 rendering resolution before scaling the content to the display. Wild Life uses the Vulkan API on Android devices and Windows PCs. On iOS devices, it uses Metal.