In 3DMark Professional Edition, you can use the 3DMark Image Quality Tool to output and save frames from each part of the test for further analysis. But please be aware that there is a known issue with the Tool that can affect the quality of the images it generates when using DLSS 1. This issue was fixed for DLSS 2.

Note that rendering a frame right after a camera cut will result in noisy images because the temporal accumulation is reset after camera cuts. Warmup will render frames before the camera cut, but this won’t have an effect on the frames after the cut.

Workaround for Image Quality Tool when using DLSS 1

Temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) works by using information from previous frames. In Single frame mode, the tool does not generate enough warmup frames for TAA to work properly. The lack of warmup frames in Single Frame mode results in the Tool producing low-quality images.

While we are fixing this for a future update, please use Frame sequence mode to capture pixel-perfect comparison images.

Set the frame sequence to run for at least 10 frames on either side of the frame you wish to capture. For example, if you want frame 500, set the frame sequence to frames 490 to 510 and use the middle frame for comparison.