The 3DMark CPU Profile introduces a new approach to CPU benchmarking. Instead of producing a single score, the 3DMark CPU Profile shows you how your CPU’s performance changes and scales with the number of cores and threads used. 

Benchmark3DMark CPU Profile
PlatformsWindows 10
Target hardwareModern multicore processors
WorkloadThe Max-threads test measures CPU performance using all available threads
WorkloadThe 16-threads test measures CPU performance using 16 threads
WorkloadThe 8-threads test measures CPU performance using 8 threads 
WorkloadThe 4-threads test measures CPU performance using 4 threads 
WorkloadThe 2-threads test measures CPU performance using 2 threads 
WorkloadThe 1-thread test measures CPU performance using a single thread 

The 3DMark CPU Profile has six tests that help you benchmark and compare CPU performance for a range of threading levels. Each of the six tests produces a score. Scores are comparable across tests. You can compare the 8-thread score with the 4-thread score, for example. A higher score means the CPU performed the work faster.